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Subway's Giant Footlong Cookie Makes a Sweet Comeback

courtesy of eatthis.com
Brief Article Overview

A Delicious Return

Subway has answered the calls of dessert lovers by bringing back a fan-favorite treat that's not one of their famous sandwiches. The chain is re-introducing the Footlong Cookie, a massive dessert that has proven to be a hit among customers nationwide. This sweet comeback is not just any ordinary cookie—it's a footlong feast for the senses, packed with chocolate chips and served warm.

Overwhelming Demand

When the Footlong Cookie first hit Subway's menu in January, alongside other footlong desserts like the Cinnabon Footlong Churro and Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel, it was met with such enthusiasm that supply couldn't keep up with demand. CNN reported that Subway faced shortages shortly after the launch, which led to a temporary halt in sales through its app and third-party services. But now, after selling more than five million Footlong Cookies, Subway is ready to meet the cravings of its customers once more.

Bringing Joy One Bite at a Time

Paul Fabre, Subway's Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation, expressed the company's excitement over the cookie's return. "The Footlong Cookie has delighted millions of Americans since their first bites in January," said Fabre. Subway has worked tirelessly to ensure a steady supply of this beloved dessert, aiming to spread a footlong dose of happiness this summer.

More Than Just a Cookie

For those looking to indulge, the Footlong Cookie is available for a suggested price of $5, though prices may vary by location. And the sweet treats don't stop there. Subway's menu still features the Cinnabon Footlong Churro and Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel, both served warm and priced at $2 and $3 respectively. These desserts are part of Subway's "Sidekicks," a special category of footlong snacks designed to complement their meal offerings.

Expanding the Menu

Subway's commitment to pleasing its customers doesn't end with the return of the Footlong Cookie. The sandwich giant recently introduced a new line of wraps served on lavash-style flatbread and announced a switch to PepsiCo beverages in its American stores by 2025, signaling an exciting period of innovation and expansion for the brand.

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Image Credit: Ruth Keller / AuthorsUSA.com

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