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Unlocking the Secrets of Color Analysis: How It Transformed My Look

courtesy of popsugar.com
Brief Article Overview

The Rising Trend on TikTok

If you've been scrolling through TikTok recently, chances are you've come across the color analysis trend. It's everywhere, and for a good reason. The concept is simple yet intriguing: it determines the most flattering colors for your clothing, makeup, and hair based on your natural features like hair color, eye color, and skin tone.

Understanding the Seasons

Color analysis categorizes people into four seasonal palettes: summer, spring, autumn, and winter, each with its own set of ideal colors. These categories take into account various factors such as saturation, contrast, and undertone, aiming to highlight what colors will make you shine.

My Personal Journey with Color Analysis

Curious about what the hype was all about, I visited the Em Cosmetics headquarters and met with Karina Hui, a certified color analyst. The process was thorough, involving natural light and an array of fabric swatches to pinpoint my season and the colors that best complement me. Surprisingly, despite my love for black and white, I discovered I'm an autumn, leaning towards warmer and more saturated shades.

Revelations and Recommendations

Hui's analysis was eye-opening. It turns out, I look best in gold jewelry and should avoid both extremely dark and light shades. Instead, medium to deep colors bring out my features most effectively. She even challenged my makeup routine, suggesting warmer tones and even a red lip, pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Embracing Change

Inspired by Hui's advice, I revamped my makeup, opting for warmer eyeshadows, a brown-toned blush, and an illuminating bronzer. The feedback was immediate and positive, with compliments from my manager and friends affirming the power of the right colors.

A New Outlook

While I'm not ready to overhaul my wardrobe of black outfits just yet, the success of my new makeup look has encouraged me to keep experimenting with color. Color analysis not only transformed how I see myself but also how others see me, proving that the right colors can indeed make a world of difference.

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Image Credit: Anita Catlett / AuthorsUSA.com

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