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Transforming into Olivia Rodrigo: My Epic Hair Makeover Journey

courtesy of popsugar.com
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A Nostalgic Trip with a Modern Twist

There's something undeniably nostalgic yet refreshingly modern about Olivia Rodrigo's music and style. Her hairstyles, in particular, are a vibrant homage to the early 2000s, featuring everything from baby bangs and space buns to an array of colorful and whimsical hair accessories. The genius behind these iconic looks? Clayton Hawkins, Rodrigo's go-to hairstylist.

From Avril to Olivia: A Personal Transformation

My personal style has always leaned more towards the punk-rock vibe of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" era, so the thought of sitting in Clayton Hawkins' chair and requesting the "Olivia Rodrigo special" felt like a leap out of my comfort zone. Yet, there I was, ready to embrace my own "Guts" era with Rodrigo's signature soft waves and baby braids.

The Makeover Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

The transformation process began with a clean slate – essential for the clip-in extensions that would bring the length necessary to achieve Rodrigo's look. Hawkins emphasized the importance of starting with clean, dry hair to ensure the extensions would hold securely.

Length and Fantasy: The Magic of Extensions

Adding length was the next step, and arguably the most exciting. Hawkins meticulously added hair extensions, ensuring they blended seamlessly with my natural hair. He stressed the importance of creating a cohesive look, stating, "The fantasy is very important."

Creating the Signature Waves

No Olivia Rodrigo hairstyle would be complete without her signature loose, undone curls. Hawkins achieved this look by using a small curling iron and a unique "swoop-up" technique for the pieces framing the face, resulting in that effortlessly chic texture Rodrigo is known for.

Braiding with a Grunge Twist

The braiding portion of the makeover was what I anticipated the most. Hawkins' approach to avoiding a juvenile look with the face-framing baby braids was to maintain a grunge aesthetic throughout the rest of the hair, ensuring the style remained edgy and mature.

The Glossy Finish

To complete the transformation, Hawkins added shine with a leave-in silk hair serum, achieving the glossy finish that Rodrigo's fans, including myself, adore. This final touch not only made the hair look healthy and vibrant but also captured the essence of Rodrigo's iconic style.

courtesy of popsugar.com

The entire experience of getting an Olivia Rodrigo-inspired hair makeover was not only a journey back in time but also a refreshing embrace of contemporary style. Clayton Hawkins masterfully combined nostalgia with modern flair, resulting in a look that I was thrilled to rock. It was a reminder that sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to the most memorable transformations.

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Image Credit: Lisa Franklin / AuthorsUSA.com

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