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Master the Art of Curtain Bangs: Expert Styling Tips for Every Hair Type

courtesy of popsugar.com
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The Comeback Kid: Curtain Bangs

Once a source of division, curtain bangs have surged back into the spotlight, championed by TikTok as the universally flattering hair trend. These effortlessly cool, retro-inspired bangs are characterized by their wispy texture and face-framing grace. Celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko and senior stylist Jennifer Nast break down why this trend is not just a passing phase but a versatile style suited for all.

Why Everyone Loves Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs aren't just any bangs; they're a style revelation. According to the pros, their adaptability across different hair types and face shapes lies in their varied length options and the softness of the fringe. This makes them not only a stylish choice but also a practical one, with an ease of growing out that other bang styles can't match.

Blow-Drying Your Way to Perfect Curtain Bangs

The blow dryer method remains a favorite for styling curtain bangs. Starting with a heat protectant or leave-in conditioner, such as the John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioner, is key to protecting your hair. The technique involves sectioning, wrapping, and blow-drying your bangs around a small round brush to achieve that iconic flip and curtain-like silhouette. A medium-hold hairspray helps seal the deal for a lasting look.

Flat Iron Styling for Flawless Bangs

For those who prefer a flat iron, starting with dry hair and using a lower temperature setting is crucial to avoid damage. This method involves a precise technique of sliding and flipping the hair at the ends with a flat iron to achieve the curtain bang effect. Whether you have straight, curly, or coily hair, there's a tool and technique to help you achieve the perfect curtain bangs look, with favorites like the GHD Mini Styler and the Mane The Three Way Multi-Use Flat Iron leading the pack.

Expert Insight

Audrey Noble, a seasoned beauty writer with a rich background in covering the beauty industry's intersection with race, gender, and identity, underscores the importance of curtain bangs as more than just a trend. They're a reflection of how personal style and societal influences converge in the world of beauty.

Whether you're reaching for your blow dryer or flat iron, these expert tips promise to guide you through achieving the curtain bangs of your dreams, proving once and for all that this trend is here to stay and for everyone to enjoy.

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Image Credit: Adeline Green / AuthorsUSA.com

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